ЗОО Скопје - сее смет

Страдање, заробеништво, смрт, тоа е судбината на животните во ЗОО Скопје!



По само неколку дена од починувањето на мајмунчето Дино во мистериозни околности веќе нова смрт во скопската зоолошка.
Имаме информација дека сега во мистериозни околности починал едниот од двата морски лава. Смртта на животното повторно е изненадување за одговорните и вработените, повторно никој ништо не приметил претходно, повторно никој не чувствува одговорност или вина!

И повторно ги повикуваме сите кои ги сакаат животните да го бојкотираат  тоа дувло, да ги бојкотираат   зоолошките секогаш и секаде! Немојте да бидете соучесници, немојте со свои пари да го финансирате ропството на оние кои не ни згрешиле ништо, кои се осудени да умрат далеку од своите природни живеалишта, осудени никогаш да не почувствуваат слобода!


Once again the death case of the sea lion in the Skopje`s ZOO came as a surprise for the persons in charge and the staff; once again no one noticed anything and once again no one feels responsible or fault. We call all those who love animals to boycott this lair, to boycott the ZOOs everywhere and forever! The very idea and concept of capturing animals is an indicator par excellence of the quantity and quality of the care the animals receive! In only a year numerous animals suffered and died in Skopje`s ZOO, most of which young. The animals in the ZOOs are seen only as a resource for easy income. The ZOOs might claim that their goal is the education for and the preservation of the species, but the facts testify that these institutions fail in their goals.

Due to captivity and regulated regimes of feeding and reproduction, the animals lose their natural behavior and thus hardly anyone could learn of their ways of life in the natural habitats. Inside the ZOOs these majestic animals transform into pale shadows of what they were – they are deprived of every single thing that makes life worth living: family, community, freedom and the possibility to choose how to spend their lives. The ZOOs promote the notion that it is acceptable to keep animals in captivity, where they become depressed to a state of insanity, where they are trapped in narrow and unnatural spaces and depressed, frightened and traumatized they reach for their own lives! They live far from their natural habitats in totally inadequate environments, small spaces, inappropriate conditions and all of this is ethically inacceptable and wrong.

Please don`t be accomplices, don`t finance the slavery of innocent animals who have committed no fault, who are sentenced to die far away from their homes, who are sentenced to life imprisonment, unable to feel freedom for even a day! We call upon you to boycott ZOOs, we call upon all humane and consciousness citizens, because only in this way you will be able to show your love for the animals!



Пријатели на Анима Мунди

Благодарност до долунаведените кои ги сакаат животните и прифатија да се заложат за нив и бидат наши пријатели и подржувачи.

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